Mingyu Ceramic
Mingyu Ceramic Technology Co.,Ltd is subordinated to Lion King Group. As an independent enterprise in the group, it passes through splendid development from initial single Mingyu Ceramic to now, already covering the building materials: Mingyu Ceramic and Baodajia Ceramic, the real estate industry: Mingyu House Purchasing and the building material raw material industry: Shuofeng Raw Material. It invested another 260 million RMB in 2018, for building a modern large-scale interior wall production line and a rustic tile production line in COSMO RRS building ceramic industrial park which covers the land area of nearly 6.67 hectares and the building area up to 60 thousand square meters. The capacity of a single interior wall production line reaches up to nearly ten thousand square meters. Mingyu Ceramic Technology has successfully turned to be a large-scale modern building ceramic full-industry-chain enterprise which professionally engages in interior wall tile and rustic tile and is renowned inside and outside the industry. Since establishment, Mingyu company always adheres to an enterprise philosophy of “Integrity First, Create and Lead Future, Make Win-win”.
The company tightly follows the trend of time’s development, breaking away from convention, having innovation in multiple dimensions such as material, technology, colors and aesthetic concept of house decoration etc. It redefines product structure and application space of interior wall, overturns use idea of traditional tile, create and lead new house decoration aesthetic conception of interior wall, devotes to building the production base of highest-end full house tiled decoration in China. The company has paid attention to product quality over years. It achieves in-depth strategic cooperation with first-class glaze companies and ink companies in China, and exclusive cooperation with some companies at producing area, sparing no effort to exclusively master the core technologies and colors. In marketing and service, the company has always regarded high quality products as the base of markets over years, and taken new product colors, technologies, specification and house decoration aesthetic concept as the weapon. We are highly trusted and satisfied by the customers all over China and form good reputation spreading environment of marketing. In 2018, we are awarded by the country as the “National Standard Establishment Enterprise”,
“China Famous Brand” and “China Ceramic Quality System Certificate”, and awarded with the highest honor “One of Top Ten Tile Brands” over the industry for consecutive four times.For OEM cooperative partners, with new cooperation mode in industry, the company breaks through single product sales mode, transmitting to the cooperative partners with mature marketing system, market operation system, market management system, comprehensive service system and shop operation mode, and assisting them with determining marketing strategy, building marketing network, improving market management, training marketing personnel, to execute the marketing strategy jointly made and unified marketing and marketing service regulations of company, and to enhance common brand image by enlarging influence from unified comprehensive service. Extraordinary times of Mingyu Ceramic explains that “Brand construction is always on the way”. Mingyu people always adheres to a business concept of “People First, Integrity Based, Normative Operation, Practicability for Future”, for creating internationally first-class tile production and sales enterprise.



Break through the design philosophy of traditional space application

8 kinds of new technologies can be individually applied on ordinary ink spraying wall tile for embellishment. There must be extraordinary effect that brings out the crucial point. It makes the common ink-sprayed wall tile differentiated, and will not be different just in size and color. It improves the commonly conventional wall tile into distinctively conventional tile, which will definitely be the development trend. Replacing current common tile, it can also be multiplied with 2, 3 or more kinds of technologies.



Emphasize the aesthetic concept of home decoration that can be used in all the space of the wall tiles.


Let ordinary ink-jet wall tiles achieve real differentiation no longer just the difference between specification and color adjustment.