2019-10-15 14:43:35
In recent years, the competition of ceramic tile market is becoming more and more fierce, and the product renewal is comparable to the electronic industry. There are more and more styles of wall tiles on the market. Various designs and specifications of products come into the eyes of consumers. The dazzling products make it difficult for consumers to choose.

What do consumers want most? How to seize consumers'hearts?


The answer given by Mingyu is: To compare one's heart with another and to think in other's place.
Following the consumer's habit of choosing products, the value of this brick is judged by the transition from visual perception to tactile perception. From the point of view of consumers, Mingyu Ceramics has carried out a new round of product upgrading for Foshan Tao Expo.


When ** marble, ** jade, ** negative ions and other similar products are gradually saturated in the market, visual experience for consumers has appeared aesthetic fatigue, new ideas are difficult to create.


In recent years, more and more technology can be achieved for wall brick face, but many processes in China are still in the initial stage and immature in application. At the same time, they are also facing more and more serious market dilemma of homogeneous products.


Mingyu Ceramics is no longer confined to the pursuit of patterns and the research and development of new technology, but to ensure the fashion of brick designs and colors, at the same time, through the ultimate polishing of brick technology, to make the brick surface more moist, more sophisticated technology, more comfortable experience.


Mingyu's interior wall technology has always been in the leading position in the industry, and constantly strive for excellence in technology and technology, to achieve the pure use of technology. This Foshan Tao Expo, Mingyu Ceramics with the BBC "soft" series products solemnly attacked, opening a new tactile revolution in the field of Chinese interior wall tiles.


Bright tiles are more round.
Dumb tiles are softer.
Craft bricks are softer.
The soft expression of brick face abroad is baby face.
在国外对砖面柔和的表达是——baby face
Mingyu defines softness as "BBC"


Soft, more likely to resonate with consumer psychology


Softness is an indispensable force in life


Softness is the lubricant of harmonious life


Softness is the ultimate pursuit of home design and decoration


Soft· BBC, is the greatest love you give your family

柔 · BBC,是你给家人最伟大的爱

Soft is a great power


October 18th


Mingyu Ceramics Carries BBC Soft


Be with you

Meeting Foshan

Treat each other with gentleness


相遇佛山  以柔相待