Production power:

Guaranteed by the most advanced and newest production equipment over the world, provided with 1024 nozzle inkjet machine first-class inkjet manufacturer Hope company, to ensure 100% ink constant and no color difference printing; provided with high pressure spray tank originally imported from Italy, making colors shown one time, and ensuring constant quality of glaze surface of tile.

Marketing sources

By construction and management of team, construction and development of channel, planning and execution of sales promotion, training and exercise of product knowledge and guide words art, we spare no effort to help the agencies with building regional leading brand; for OEM cooperation brands, we are providing brand strategy positioning, product R&D integration, brand marketing assistance and terminal marketing assistance and guidance.

Equipment power

We have professional product R&D team, professional in quality details and humanized product design. We are exclusively cooperating with the top-class ink companies over the world, e.g. Italy Sima ink, Taurisi green ink and Botao white ink, and the top-class glaze companies at home, e.g. Kehai and Pansheng.

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